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Ikos was a peaceful land ruled by the king Titus. He had an army so powerful, that he could conquer the entire world. He took 8, most bravest warriors in the entire kingdom and named them "The High Lords of Ikos". Their names were Leron the Strong, Tem the Light, Gormen the Dark, Seth the Spirit, Lance the Luminated, Aaron the Archer and Altron the River. Each one of them had amazing powers over elements. With those powers nothing could stand in their way. Everybody loved them. They had everything. Fame, fortune, you name it. But Gormen wanted the fame for himself, so he stood up against the others and defeated them with ease. After knowing what he's done he ran away into the Lands of the Shadows. When the word of the deaths of the High Lords came to the king, Gormen has started to gather an army of dark hearted followers. When the king's loyal servants brought the bodies of the Lords back, the entire kingdom was crushed. They hid them away from the rest of the kingdom, deep down in the chambers below the high towers. A wench found the way to the chambers by an accident. By knowing a little magic she created a small orb of light in her hand. The light iluminated her long ebony, black hair and her beautiful ocean blue eyes. She stumbled upon the bodies of the Lords. Shocked she hit the wall and fell down on her knees. When she got closer she could see them better. Once warriors were nothing but empty shells. You could see them lined in a circle. Placed for their everlasting sleep on their marble beds. When she saw the body of young Seth, darkness fell on her eyes. She hugged the body and wept, not beliveing that her beloved one had died. She ran outside, gasping for air. Days passed and an old man walked into the town. Our little wench came face to face with him. He smiled to her, his silver eyes glowing. "Who are you?" she asked.
"I am Alor. The humble warlock." he bowed down as he said so. She looked rather amused at him. "What brings you here Alor?" "I have heard of the High Lord of Ikos, so I thought to come and pay them a visit. And who are you, maiden?" "I am Liren. The wench." she anwsered quietly. "About the High Lords, Alor. They are no more. One of them, Gormen the Dark killed them." "Oh, what shame. I was looking forward to see them." He turned around and started to walk away. "Wait!" The wench cried. "I can show you where the bodies are hidden." He turned around rather quickly for an old man. "That would be magnificent, Liren". "You must tell no one about this, or I shall be hanged in front of the entire kingdom". "Not to worry child. Your secret is safe with me". She took him down the same path in the tower she found. Once lighting the torches the bodies looked like they were glowing. "Oh such young boys. Killed by magic, you said?" She nodded standing by Aaron's body. He sat down, playing with his long white beard and started thinking. Liren soon became sleepy, so she sat down and soon fell asleep. The warlock stood up and raised his long silver staff. He wispered some magic runes and soon the chamber was filled with light. A large globe of silvery water appeared in mid air and it burst in seven pieces. The pieces slowly fell into the Lords hearts. Slowly one by one, started to awake. Leron, Tem. Lance, Aaron, Toren, Altron and Seth were alive once again. The warlock turned to the wench and shook her lightly. "Wake up child. The new dawn is
arising". She opened her eyes, narrowing them as the got used to the light. "What are you talking about?" "My dearest, wake up and look" a familiar voice spoke. She turned her head swiftly looking were did the voice come form. Her eyes stopped at the sight of her beloved one. "Seth....." she whispered as tears started to flow. She threw herself in his arms sobbing. "My dearest...Oh how I missed you" She turned to the warlock "Than-", but he was long gone. She took them out of the chambers out on the sun, showing to the kingdom that the High Lords have returned. A messenger of The Dark Lord Gormen has arrived carrying the message to the king. The message said that in 13 days the Dark Lord will attack Ikos if they don't surrender the High Lords. They refused and so the war has been started. "A new dawn arises, just like you said Alor" Liren spoke looking the horizon.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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